They weren't appropriately dressed for the weather.

They were striving for freedom. It was a shame.

A flag waving in the air, sensible government, striving for compassion and Christian love; iinstead, they were neglected because of arid conditions and lack of water. Dehydrated. Starved.

Is there any remorse? How long? How long? They could have been suicidal.

It was indeed a suicide mission and for what purpose?

What was their-WHY?

All they wanted to do was please someone. And Ms. K. would probably toss them out with much thought like an aborted newspaper. You thought I was going to say something else.

I am looking for funds to create a memorial service in their honor. Someone has already donated three candles to give them their due respect. Two which broke in the infernal wind which hasn't stopped; since, Pentecost.

We can have the Governor attend (only if it is catered) and provide trite condolences which he reads off a teleprompter and promising another unfunded mandate to make sure this never happens again all while whipping a tear from his eye and asking for donations for his next campaign run. Will any of you cry for them?

Have we grown this callous?

Will they be discarded like that healthy palm I saw in Holy Name's garbage?

Cut down in the prime of life. It could be that Cardinal C. will get tired of giving  people hugs and rehashing Father G.'s sermons-getting those t-shirts that he'll never wear (he has a lucrative business selling them on ebay signing them as Donald Trump)  - eating undercooked chicken, listening to people's stall jokes if only he would stop his candidacy for Pope, he might be able to say a few nice words.

If not he will send his condolences through a telegram.

First though he must get a map to find out where Chicago is. Will anyone comfort me in my grief ?

Father G. remember the last time that I wrote you up and told you that that would be your final warning ?

Did you take it seriously ? We are all in this together. Except for...Well, I have found the grace in my heart to reconsider that decision and besides no one else wants the job. A million parishioners at Holy Name according to a recent Archdiocesan survey funded by the Republican National Convention of Churches, a Mitt Romney subsidiary, and no one noticed.

Well I am glad that you all read those free copies of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff that I hand out for free and freely after church.

We are really excelling at not sweating. Internment will be costly. Trump Arboretum does not come cheaply. We need a choir and incense.

And food. They deserved it; those two dead plants at the entrance of Holy Name deserved better.

I would be remiss if I didn't demand a full and thorough investigation into this matter. We will not rest until something is done to ameliorate this situation and make sure that the finding of guilt is hidden from everyone.

That is my promise to you, my fellow Christians  and members of Holy Name. It will be costly. Maybe a grant will be in order now. I think $50000 oughta do it. It is times like this that I remember fondly those long walks with Monsignor M. and his kind and caring words of compassion to me in my moments of grief.

"Suck it up buttercup," and then "Forget about it," he would say and then we would have another belt of Napoleon Brandy (I think he watered it down) while singing "Where is the Love,"  and a good hardy semi-chuckle was had by us both. My regret is ever taking those walks. My body still aches and I never did get over that hangover.

I thought "Bless Me Father," meant that he was supposed to send blessings my way. 

Happiness is too much for me to handle and then what would I be able to complain about-only the misery of happiness.

Monsignor gave me the penance of seven long years at HNC, and 4000 Hail Marys   , he was probably being lenient. I am a hothead internally. You should hear the horrible things I think about you each and every day.

Did you know that Father G. had jet black hair before he came here? And with Father G. a few years is like a thousand. Seriously, he is a great man, witty, intelligent, patient (he has waited how long for his team to win a World Series)-kind, generous to stray birds and cats and lover of the homeless.  And there are many more good things to say  to say about him.

You don't believe me just ask him.

My future prospects (and I know that you care about them so much) brainstorming now, head of Human resources at HNC, running for Alderman, working for the Trump Re-Election Campaign (he'll hire anyone), sell old newspapers in front of Holy Name.

How dare you laugh at my prospects. I thought you were all supposed to light one another's candles and that we were all members of the body of Christ and brother and sisters. Being an orphan is sounding better every day. Shame on me. Back to confession.

Oh well another novena to  Saint Rita will resolve it all. You know I even prayed over those plants. Guess I am not Padre Pio.