It is not a surprise that the Democratic debates were disappointing. People didn’t have enough time to express themselves, and many of the questions were Republican talking points. We must remember that the mainstream media is a corporation, more Republican than Democratic. So, why do Democrats allow Republicans to organize the Democratic debates? Never forget that the pundits who tell you on TV what to think, they are millionaires, financed by billionaires. I love it when Republicans advise Democrats what to do. There is already a vicious campaign against Medicare for all. These millionaires on TV are saying that we shouldn’t take away the employer-provided insurance from the 160 million people who have insurance and like it.

I am one of those 160 million, and please, please, please get me on Medicare for all! I can’t wait to ‘lose’ my private insurance that works until I get sick. The insurance that just this year introduced a 150% increase of the co-pays. Can you imagine what a rich person would say if they are subjected to such an increase of anything? The insurance that is a reason why I have to consider working well after retirement age, because of in health insurance. My employer provided insurance is the reason that full-time employees are expensive to have. So the full-timers work so much more. The part-timers are like second-class, they don’t have the benefits, and their working conditions are different, unjustly so. Medicare for all would wipe out these problems.

We would all work for the same amount of money, everyone would work as much as they wanted or needed. We could retire without having to worry about health care in retirement. It just happened somewhere in the Midwest that a company just cut the health insurance of their entire, striking labor force. Puff, it was gone in a heartbeat. I love it when billionaires like Bloomberg explain on TV why we cannot afford providing people health care. The Republican pundits advising the Democrats are saying that we need to be moderate and centrist, and not to go too much to the left, not to be too extreme.

That’s bullshit. A ‘centrist’ approach is what got Trump elected. There is nothing extreme about universal healthcare, it is the practice in all other technologically advanced society. It is extreme to leave millions of people without health care. It is extreme to let the insurance companies profit billions by not caring for the sick. If you want to know what is the right thing to do, ask a doctor or a nurse (if you ever get to see one) if they are for Medicare for all. They know best what is going on.

My doctor, when I asked, endorsed Medicare for all without hesitation. There will be a lot of propaganda against Medicare for all. I remember how hard it was to squeeze Obamacare through Congress. Confused, misled people came to disrupt town hall meetings and called Obamacare socialist (which it is) and fascist (which it is not) and all that.

Democrats voted to pass Obamacare fully aware that it will cost them their seat. They did it anyway. I remember they said they don’t want a government bureaucrat between them and their care. Death panels and all. I’d take a government bureaucrat in a heartbeat over a corporation. Much better than greed and for-profit. Yes, the state is often ineffective in doing right.

But for profit corporations are effective in doing harm. The real death panel is when the company refuses to cover your chemo so their CEOs can eat from golden platters. Now Obamacare is very popular. Yet, I didn’t hear a single person admitting that they were against Obamacare and that they were wrong. I suspect that these are the same people who are now saying that the 160 million people who have employer-provided health insurance want to keep it. I am one of those and I don’t.

People are tortured in our names, on our tax money. Children. We now know this and still, 38% of    us thinks that the country is on the right track. To me this signals that we are at a very dangerous moment. We wait. We thought that support for Trump would drop after Charlottesville. It didn’t. Now we find out that we treat people, including children, in ways that is against our humanity, our laws, and international laws. And yet, his approval rating would not drop. It stays around 40%. So we wait. We waited for the 2018 November elections.

Then we waited for January, when the new Congress was sworn in, hoping that it will rein him in. It didn’t. Then we waited for the Mueller report. Then Barr happened and we waited for the report to really come out, and it’s pretty clear that beyond his gross misconduct (isn’t that enough) there are felonies there. Yet his numbers did not move. We waited for impeachment and now we debate that we should perhaps wait until the 2020 election. Trump’s numbers are not going to change. At this point, we should admit that about 40% of this country is OK with the war on the vulnerable.

Given the administration's behavior, we must also face that this 40% doesn't care about the constitution. We should not wait for November 2020 or for hearings. We must start organizing and protesting and demanding that Trump resigns NOW. We are waaaay beyond impeachment territory. He took an oath to make sure the laws are abided and to protect the constitution. Yet, he is shamelessly trampling on those every day. He is destroying our constitutional institutions. The other day he admitted that the human right violations committed on his watch are intentional. He needs to resign NOW. And the only thing that will get him do that is if the 62% pulls together and shows that we won't stand for this. Unless millions take to the streets peacefully and demand his resignation, he will not give up power now or in 2020.

This man is dangerous. In nearly two years, lot of damage can be done. So why wait. Second, electoral politics is important but not ALL of politics. We shouldn't wait. We are waiting for the opening to get rid of him without confrontation. But that does not exist. No matter what we do, he will not want to go. Do you think he and his base will give up power just because he lost an election? He is already saying that it will be rigged. We will not appease the unappeasable. Imagine the worst thing he and his 38% can do. They WILL do those things, it's just a matter of time, no matter how nice we play. We need to act NOW because the atrocities, the lawlessness are getting worse every day. Hate, like a sickness is spreading everywhere, scares and demoralizes the rest of us, the other 62%.

An unavoidable confrontation is coming, and the more we wait, the weaker we are. We need to mobilize, like the Occupy movement did and demand that he resigns NOW. Let’s not wait for hearings, let’s not wait for impeachments, for elections….. Trump must resign NOW. Environmentalists, labor, socialists, moderates, libertarians, everyone else must pull together and rise up. To resist evil is the highest achievement of human life. It is the supreme act of love. Trump must resign NOW. We are way beyond impeachment territory. He made it clear that he is not stopping the torture of refugees, including children.

This can not go on until 2021 January. This is no longer about immigration. This is about laws and human rights. Donald Trump took an oath to ensure the laws are executed and protect the constitution. He is intentionally breaking US and international laws, he is torturing children, and destroying our democratic institutions. He is trampling on the laws and the constitution on a daily basis. This is way beyond impeachment territory.

This is not normal. Trump must resign NOW. He is not going to give up power due to impeachment or elections. His 38% base does not like the constitution. The only way we can get rid of him is to start demanding his resignation by the millions. The other 60% (moderates, environmentalists, labor, socialists) better pull together and mobilize because this is our hope and not waiting for electoral politics to save us. And this country is getting worse every day. Trump must resign now.




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